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AC Repair Maintenance Tips For Cool Weather

In the throes of summer, you can’t help but have your AC unit on your mind because it is such a vital part of your comfort. However, when the cool weather starts to show up in the fall and we dip into winter, you’ll start thinking about it less and less. And while it can feel like everything slows down after the holidays, be sure you don’t forget about your air conditioning system. Before you put AC repair out of your mind completely, here are a few maintenance tips for when the weather turns cold.

Focus on the Outside of the Unit

It can be a lot easier to clean and clear the outside of your AC unit when there isn’t a lot of lush landscape in the way. The cool weather has a way of making your grass, trees, and gardens a little bare so you can be more efficient to spot small twigs and debris that need to be removed. Do a complete visual inspection of your unit to look for any oddities like excessive standing water or the pad not being level, and if you notice something off, you can call an AC repair company to get the situation resolved.

Have the Coils Cleaned and Fins Straightened

Some people will be confident to clean the coils and straighten the fins themselves, but if you don’t have experience or understand the process, then call in the professionals. For units to have longevity and run in prime condition, you’ll need to make that yearly service call so that you can get an expert to diagnose and maintain. This will also prevent AC repairs in the future, and ensure that your system is ready when the warm weather shows up again.

Utilize Your Fireplace if You Have One

If you want to give your heating and cooling system a break over the winter, then utilize your fireplace if you have one. Be sure that you get it professionally swept before use for safety reasons. Not only will you be able to give your unit a break, but you’ll also get to enjoy a warm and cozy atmosphere. Shut off any rooms that aren’t in use and you’ll prevent premature AC repairs, as well as keep your energy bill low.

Keep Replacing and Cleaning Air Filters

Everything that you do in the summer should be done in the winter as well, and cleaning air filters is one of them. While it may not feel as if there are as many allergens in the air, trust that you’ll want to make sure that your filter is doing its job in catching them. Changing filters is one of the primaries was to prevent AC repair, and it improves air quality, saves you money, and is easy to do. And don’t forget that you should be changing your air filters based on your home and AC unit. If you have pets and children, then replace it more often than if you live alone.