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4 Signs That You Need More Than AC Repair

When your air conditioning isn’t performing the way it once did, you may think that a quick AC repair will do the trick to get you back up and running again. However, there are a few signs that you may need more than a repair, and even though many people don’t want to think about getting a brand new installation, you have some pretty impressive options available these days. Here are a few things to look for when your air conditioning isn’t cooling your home to a comfortable temperature.

#1: Your HVAC Unit Isn’t the Right Size for Your Home

An expert AC repair company will know the right sizes for the amount of square footage that you want to cool and will apply this knowledge for every installation. However, if someone inexperienced installed your unit, there is a chance that you have the wrong size and this can wreak havoc on your utility bill and shorten the lifespan of the system. Plus, you’ll need more frequent AC repairs because your unit will be working so hard to keep up with the demand for space. In this case, getting a new unit will be much more efficient and will save you money down the road.

#2: You’re Dealing with Air Conditioning Repairs Constantly

The more AC repairs that you have, the closer you’re getting to a new unit whether you like it or not. Start to calculate the costs of each repair (as well as how much you spend on your energy bill) and total how much it will be after the course of a year or two years. The money you spend on repairs can be saved when you invest in installation and you’ll also get to enjoy a lower energy bill each month.

#3: You Want More Energy Efficiency

An AC repair can only help your current unit and it’s abilities. If you have an older unit, it simply may not be as advanced as the newer models when it comes to being eco-friendly and energy-efficient. Just because your current HVAC unit is performing okay, doesn’t mean that you have to use it until it’s on its last legs. In fact, getting a new installation sooner than the recommended amount of time can save you loads of money in AC repairs that will happen down the road.

#4: Your AC Unit Isn’t Getting Any Younger

Even if your unit only needs minor AC repairs right now, it’s important that you think about a future installation so that you can an idea of what your pricing and payment options are, and what you can expect from an upgrade. This gives you an advantage as it ages because you’ll know the signs to look for when you need more than an AC repair, and you can be prepared for it. No one likes to be blindsided by needing a brand new air conditioning unit and knowing the signs that you need a new unit will help you proactively make decisions until then.