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4 Cooling Myths That Can Raise the Cost of Electricity

Saving money on your monthly energy bill is important.  But there are some myths out there that can actually have the opposite effect.  Some myths can raise the temperature in your home, making you uncomfortable without saving you money.  In fact, they may even cause your electricity bill to increase.  Avoid these common myths that won’t cool your home efficiently or save you money in the long run.

An AC Doesn’t Need Annual Maintenance

Unless you have a brand new air conditioner, your AC will need regular maintenance.  Skipping the annual maintenance will save money, but it could lead to more costly repairs in the future.  Comfort Expert AC repair technicians will inspect and clean your AC unit to ensure everything is in proper working order.  A properly working AC unit will improve energy efficiency to save you money on monthly energy bills, making an annual inspection a great investment.

Constantly Running Ceiling Fans Cool the Home

Fans are specifically made to cool down people, but they are not efficiently designed to cool off entire rooms.  Running ceiling fans in your home, especially when you aren’t using certain rooms only increases your energy bill unnecessarily.  Fans are designed to circulate air to lower body temperature.  So, a room not in use doesn’t need a fan for cooling the home.  Don’t waste energy by always running ceiling fans when you aren’t home or using the room.  Instead, turn them off when rooms aren’t in use.

Turning Down the Thermostat to a Low Temperature will Cool My Home Quickly

When the summer days get hot, you may come home to a very warm and uncomfortable house.  In response, you turn down the AC very low in an attempt to cool your home off quickly.  But single-stage air conditioners found in most homes without an updated AC unit, only run at one speed and don’t cool down a home quickly, no matter what temperature they are set on.  Wasting electricity wastes energy that adds up.  Avoid wasting electricity by simply setting the temperature to an average, desired temperature, and let your AC do the work.

Changing My Air Filter Isn’t Important

Air filters can go ignored for long periods of time. Many homeowners simply forget about the air filter.  But the air filter is an important part of how the AC unit functions.  Dirty air filters aren’t efficient and only increase energy costs.  A dirty air filter has to work twice as hard to cool the home, while clean air filters prevent clogs and mold from developing.  Increase your unit’s efficiency and decrease your monthly energy bills by changing your air filter often, especially during the summer months.

If you are looking to make your home as comfortable as possible this summer at an affordable price, ensure your AC unit is working efficiently.  Contact Comfort Experts for an annual maintenance visit to be sure your unit is ready for the season.